Customized informative signage system for stores

The "Galician Creativity Market" (Mercado Galego da Creatividade), created by the collective Creativas Galegas, is a space that combines a store, workshops, and exhibitions in the old town of Santiago de Compostela. We collaborated with them to redesign their informative signage.

A collaborative space bringing together many brands

The "Mercado Galego da Creatividade" brings together around 40 creative brands from various disciplines such as jewelry, screen printing, and textiles. The main floor hosts the store, where brands sell their products and jointly manage the space. If you visit, you can engage with the artists and artisans and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere.

Highlighting the identity and history of each brand is crucial, and for this, they use an informative signage system displayed alongside each brand's products. Creativas Galegas asked us to design and manufacture a signage system that is clearly visible, versatile, robust, cost-effective, and easy for all users to operate on a daily basis.

Signage system

Design of customized signage for each location in the store

We worked closely with Bea Barril from spaciob, the store's interior designer and one of the project's promoters, to define the requirements and appearance of the new support system.

Appearance was of great importance: wood plays a significant role in the store, and ideally, plastic parts should be hidden. Additionally, as it's a high-traffic space with a large number of products, the signage system had to be sturdy enough and have anchors tailored to the different locations of each brand.

The result combines wooden signage, aluminum rods, and 3D printed pieces adapted to each location in the store such as tables and clothing racks.


We love working with stores because they have very specific design and usability requirements. By combining 3D printing and wood, we can create customized and cost-effective solutions that greatly enhance product display and information in their spaces.

Thanks to Creativas Galegas for choosing us and helping create this unique space. And a big thank you to Rheza Pradana from the Offconnection brand for the video of the signage in the store.