A hand holds an NFC tag over our reader to play content.

Interactive catalog: play videos with customized tokens

This electronic system offers a unique and personalized interactive experience to capture the attention of your potential customers. It consists of a reader and several objects or customized tokens based on your products or services. These pieces trigger video playback when brought close to the reader. Placing each piece on the reader initiates the corresponding audiovisual content. From catalogs and tutorials to presentations and promotions, the possibilities are endless. By generating curiosity and interaction among your audience, you'll succeed in holding their attention for longer periods. It's ideal for stores, fairs, and events.

Interactive portfolio for 3D product animations

We designed this system as an innovative interactive portfolio when we exhibited at MakerFaire Galicia in 2023. Through it, we discovered a unique way to showcase our creative 3D product animation work to clients and event attendees. People of all ages stop with curiosity, wondering what content each token hides, and they bring the pieces closer to the reader to play the 3D videos. It's a perfect complement for capturing attention and initiating conversations with visitors.

This was the first use we gave it. What will be yours?

Our NFC content playback system in the context of an event at Maker Faire.

Touchable and intuitive experience

The system is highly customizable. From the audiovisual content to the shape of the reader and the pieces, it can be tailored to different projects and businesses.

The pieces (also referred to as tokens or tags) can take any shape (we've used these rune-like shapes, for example), allowing people to first explore them: they can touch, turn, smell, etc. And when they find a piece that interests them, they can use it to bring it closer to the reader, and voilà! A video appears on the screen with more information. And the best part is, they can continue holding the object while watching the video.

Can it get more intuitive and enjoyable? We've firsthand witnessed how this experience captivates the audience.

Fully customizable electronic system

The most fascinating aspect of our electronic system is that we tailor it to your needs and preferences. If you have an idea in mind, we'll help bring it to life.

In our case, we shaped the reader like the Despunte logo, and we chose simple drawings for the pieces, each representing a 3D animation from our portfolio. We opted for subtle colors like white, gray, and black—aiming for simplicity and minimalism. It's produced with 3D printing, and the range of available colors for personalizing the system is extensive.

From conception to fabrication, we ensure you get a system that meets your needs and enhances your users' experience with technology.

The reader and several tags or objects with which to activate the videos.

NFC Technology

The reader is an electronic device that utilizes NFC technology to identify the pieces. Each of the 10 pieces contains a card with a unique code. When a piece is placed on the reader, it sends a signal to the screen to play the associated video.

From €400

We have designed a product pack so that you can easily start using this interactive catalog system. The pack is priced from €400 + VAT and consists of a personalized NFC reader with a 2D shape, 10 personalized pieces ("tags"), a USB flash drive with the content to be played, and a cable to connect the reader to the PC. If you want, we can also provide you with a small PC so that you can connect it directly to the monitor. Not included: VGA/HDMI cable, monitor or TV, nor content to play.

Ask us and we will send you a budget tailored to your needs. Reach us from our contact page.