3D models and animations

Clear and attractive content for industrial and scientific communication

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Remodelado e impresión 3D para

We create technical content in physical and digital formats based on 3D models

3D model of a cube

3D modeling &

  • 3D content of industrial and scientific products and processes
  • 3D models for technical offices, audiovisual, videogames & AR/VR
  • 3D Renderings, infographics & layouts for high-impact content
#3Dinfographic #blender #technicalcommunication
3D printing

Mockups and

  • Experience in design for manufacture and prototyping
  • Professional 3D printing
  • Mockups & tangible models to communicate clearly and attractively
#additivemanufacturing #FDM #CNC
Electronic circuit

Electronics and

  • Tailor-made comprehensive solutions
  • Robotics and simple automatisms
  • Interactive prototypes and mockups
#arduino #python #R+D+i
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Our team working on a 3D model and animation in front of a PC

Innovation and creative thinking

We are a team of engineers with experience in the design and development of solutions in different fields such as energy, aeronautics and mobility.

We combine our experience, creativity and technical criteria to interpret the needs of each project and create effective models.

Alex García Soto
Carmen Araquistain Portela
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We participate in creative and entrepreneurial initiatives

On-demand manufacturing digital platform

Connect with manufacturers in Spain: 3D printing, cutting, machining and much more through

Creative workshops

We provide trainings such as 2D animation & video games workshops for the Red Cross, webinars for the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and mentoring at the Terra Creative Jam 2022 USC Lugo


We've participated in events such as the Pont-Up Store 2022 in Pontevedra and the Santander X Explorer Trip + European Innovation Academy 2022 in Porto

Our brand Miramoura

We design and produce durable and highly customizable items with 3d printing and wood for gifts, homes and stores. @miramoura.despunte

Video games

Creation of simple video games such as Tiny tactics & Fofo e a pesca do lixo awarded in the Xuventude Crea 2020 regional contest.