Creativity and responsible design

Miramoura is a brand of products designed by Despunte. We merge technical quality and innovation to design functional and enduring objects for shops and homes. We do it consciously, with simple solutions and responsible production. Wood and 3D printing with plant-based materials, an irresistible combination!

Functional enduring items for conscious shops and homes

Our day-to-day is full of items like trays and cutting boards, chairs and stools, side tables and small furniture that fill our desks, shelves and kitchen counters. Some of them are complex, technological, others are as simple as a wooden spoon. They can be either decorative or functional, ideally both. We believe the best is that these objects that fill our homes and shops are useful, easy to use and manufactured responsibly. On the way there we care about local or reclaimed materials, durable designs and aesthetics. Miramoura grew from the needs we found for ourselves and also our clients to find these kind of products, crafted with care and with the possibility to customize them. All our products are designed & made close to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, in our own workshop. You can buy our ready-to-shop wood & 3D printed objects: trays, display retail stands, stools, side tables… or order customized items to fulfill your home or establishment needs. Our products are produced mainly in wood and plastic filamente (PLA), and we often use reclaimed & rescued materials.

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